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Choosing the right merchant service for your business can provide your customers with a convenient way to pay you on time. QBO offers an easy-to-use merchant service. You can add the “Pay Now” feature onto your invoices. This option will add a button directly within the invoices you send giving your customers an easy payment option.

Set Up the Pay Now Feature

To turn on this setting, login to your QBO account, select the gear icon and then “Account Settings.” From the “Sales” tab edit the section titled “Invoice Payments”. You will be given the option to accept Automatic Bank Transfers and/or credit and debit card payments. You will be prompted to finish out this process and complete forms to set up your account to receive payments.

QuickBooks merchant service fees are competitive compared to popular services such as PayPal and Stripe. Automatic Bank Transfer charges are 1% up to a maximum of $10. E-invoice credit/debit card payments are $0.25 plus a charge of 2.9%. To see more details about fees, check out this webpage:

The Pay Now Feature Saves Time

A valuable aspect of using QB for merchant services is the automatic matching feature. QB will mark each invoice as paid as soon as your customer has completed their payment through the “Pay Now” link. This automates the payment recording step in the Accounts Receivable workflow and will save you time. As the bank feeds come in, QB will suggest accurate matches to the paid invoices.  

Providing several options to your customers gives them flexibility to pay using a method that they feel most comfortable with. Using this feature can significantly cut down the time you spend doing data entry.

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